Antichrist Watch-3-22-23

We just got bombarded with so much false information from the UN concerning climate change that you cannot keep up with the lies and propaganda. They continually change their minds and adjust their lies to benefit their cultic issues. You cannot make up this amount of lies in your life. Still, these Antichrist false prophets will tell you that the shorelines are increasing and the temperature is increasing to some unacceptable amount when all the time it’s just average increasing and decreasing temperatures that have nothing to do with their climate control cult. If you listen to these liars you will be greatly deceived and controlled. Do not be taken in by these so-called mud hut scientists. They have no truth in them but the Marxist propaganda that they spread. They are Antichrist and part o the Antichrist’s body. Whenever you hear climate change, ESG, transgender, LGBTQ, racial equity, or gun control, you must automatically hear Antichrist because this is exactly what it is. They want to control your religion, your CO2 output, your weapons, and your children. There is no good thing in them and unless they get saved and give their heart to Christ they will perish. These people will pervert your children and lie to them and turn them against you and God. If you exercise your discernment at all you can recognize the Antichrist building his body and adding them one by one into his body to strengthen him one soul at a time. I cannot stress enough that this is the perpetuation of the false prophet and the Antichrist that he represents. The news media is the false prophet and the group itself is the body of the Antichrist being formed. Get my book and you will learn step by step how the Antichrist will be formed and how he will destroy the world. There is a link to it on Amazon on the website. Till next time.

Bro. Hansen.

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