Antichrist Watch-5/8/23

There are many things taking place concerning the expression and manifestation of the Antichrist. He is constantly appearing as an angel of light and fools many people. Unless Christians are up to date in their relationship and using the gift of discernment many will be deceived. The Biden administration is trying to bankrupt America and introduce a digital currency that will be issued to those that are faithful to the cause of Antichrist climate change. Their devotion to this cult that was ultimately introduced by Satan is only one of the tools used to gather gullible people into the fold of the Antichrist’s body. Trans and LGBTQ are also growing perversions that he is using to usher people into his body. I have never seen such interest and growth in all of my life in the Sodomite lifestyle. The Antichrist has tried to arise many times in history but always has been impeded by a strong faith in Christianity. I have always thought that America might possibly escape the full control of the Antichrist but now I am convinced that it will probably be one of the countries that are instrumental in recruiting gullible souls. We will find out in 2024’s election just how serious we are in rejecting this devilish demonic possession in our society. We will find out if we have lost our faith in God or follow the Holy Spirit to repentance. It seems that no one cares anymore about faith and love for God. Their right to kill their baby and their right to be perverted has surpassed their right to eternal life. Joe Biden is certainly approving, encouraging, and building the Antichrist’s body without restriction. You would not think that an old man would be capable of accomplishing such a thing but it’s amazing what Satan’s influence can do when a person cooperates with it. This is why we should never cooperate with demons no matter what we do. Speak out and let the word of God go forth in power to accomplish its purpose.

Till next time, Bro. Hansen

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