Antichrist Watch-6-21-23

The Antichrist is like smoke that seeps up through the cracks. He comes without being suspected or identified. If you think that the Antichrist will introduce himself or be evident as most written books teach, you may have something to learn. Surprises and the unexpected will be quite numerous in these last days. You’ve heard that no man knows the day or the hour, haven’t you? Well, I will go as far as to say no man will know the Antichrist until he is fully formed and evident to the very elect., the Christians. Most Christians will not know him at all they will still be looking for that one man to introduce himself, while all the while he is forming his body out of many many people. If you have read my book, you will know by now how he is coming and how to recognize him. Discernment is a requirement to survive in these last days. We have seen how rapidly the Antichrist party,(Democrats) can wreck the economy, the schools, our children, the unborn, and you name it, they can and will destroy it. Climate change is nothing more than Marxist control used by Satan to worm his way into your wallet and your transportation. They will destroy virtually everything that you have including beef, milk cows, chickens, farmland, goats, and everything that made this country a country. They will have you walking and eating bugs at McDonald’s, instead of nutritious foods. The devil is all about control and Joe Biden is giving it all over to the Chinese. Don’t be surprised if he doesn’t surrender our country for a very minute reason before he either fulfills his term in office or is forced to leave. These electric cars are nothing more than a surrender to the Chinese to be a slave to them. The batteries and most of the origin of parts are from China, same with solar panels, wind, and gas generators. Most of our pharmaceuticals are made in China, yet Antichrist Joe is fine with it and encourages everyone to continue as if whistling down the graveyard. The entire Demoncrat party refuses to take any blame for the non-sensical accusations against Donald Trump. They just make up another lie to cover their tracks. Joe Biden is probably the most corrupt president in history yet they can justify protecting him with one lie after another. We have never lived in such and time where the false prophet media will lie to the extreme to cover more satanic rituals than the devil himself. They call it gender-affirming care but in reality, it is Satanic child abuse. These are Satanic rituals that Satan has filled the hearts and minds of people that have given their lives over to him. Don’t be fooled by these people, they may be taking the mark of the Antichrist beast by devoting their lives to this devil. Their names may be blotted out of the Lamb’s Book of Live. Sodom and Gomorrah were always used as an example to the people at various times down through the centuries but they were never this evil in openly demonstrating their arrogant perversion. If evil was grading on a curve this would be the most perverse generation ever.

Until the next post, May God Be With You All.

Bro. Hansen

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