Antichrist Watch-8-21-23

I have just uploaded a complete teaching series on the book of Galatians, with Ephesians soon to come. They both go together to get the full picture of Paul’s revelation of salvation by Grace through faith. Well, we just got the news of the horrifying fire that burned up Maui and so many missing children and those that have not been found yet. This fire can be blamed on the climate cultic crazies that put climate change policies ahead of necessary preventative maintenance. You may think that this is not the case but it is because now they are blaming everyone but themselves for this horrible disaster which never should have occurred. There is no excuse for this other than those that are hypnotized by the Antichrist climate crowd. When you put together democrats and disasters they will use the disaster to create more control and try to convince the public that they are not the guilty ones. This is just one example of Democrat rule, and what it can do for a state or a city. Another perfect example is San Francisco and the crime, homeless, and pure lawlessness going on in that city. This is what you get when you mix Antichrist policies and people, you get death and destruction. The problem is that when serious problems mean life or death, these liberals will always choose the Antichrist policies that will either cause world war III or another pandemic. They will not be satisfied until the majority of the population is living on the street openly defecating and using needles. They want you to buy an electric vehicle that will catch fire in the rain or stop working after a few years then you will have to use a bicycle, in which they will think that they finally got their way and you are emitting less carbon, which has very little to do with anything concerning global warming. There is no man-made climate change as they are trying to drive down your throat. This is just a hoax of people controlling to kill your cows, horses, and pigs and force you to eat bugs and dead people as in the movie Soylent Green. When crazy Joe Biden issues his climate emergency you will see just how much of an Antichrist agenda this really is. Well, enough for now. Till next time.

Bro. Hansen.

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