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2nd Peter Studies. - KRCI FM RADIO 89.5

2nd Peter Studies.

There are seldom any studies that deal with leaving a message just before death like 2nd Peter. He was told by God that he was going to be

leaving this earth and he chose to leave a message to the church that was very important and thought-provoking to each and every one of us.

No, he did not leave the prosperity message or the find a good job message. Nor did he leave his last message of being all that you can be.

These messages tend to secure big offerings but do very little to encourage servitude or death to self-will. There are plenty of false prophets

to preach these messages to those who love to give their offerings in exchange for blessings but Peter was trying to plant his message

on good ground to bring forth the kind of disciple that could serve God without a promise of overwhelming blessings. You have probably not

evaluated this book of 2nd Peter in light of looking out for false prophets but in reality, Peter’s last message was a warning to each and

every one of us.

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