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Beware Of The Leaven - KRCI FM RADIO 89.5

Beware of the Leaven

There are 7 more messages now on page 4 of sermon downloads. All are free of charge and no address or anything is required to listen. I hope you take note of the two messages on Beware of the Leaven. They deal with the spreading of false prophecies and political lies throughout the world. When there is an evil leader in power in any country it brings down the entire country. As Joe Biden is bringing down and has already brought down the United States to the lowest level in decades, there are leaders who have corrupted millions of people with their leaven. The Bible says when the wicked are in power that they bring down the whole nation but the righteous exalts a nation. Jesus said, beware of the leaven of the Pharisees and the leaven of Herod. The religious leaven and the political secular leaven. Be careful who you listen to and who you place confidence in. Cursed is the man who puts his confidence in man or leans on the arm of the flesh. God is a jealous God and will give no glory to anyone. Man loves glory and also loves praise but the end result is to be eaten by worms.

Thank you for reading. May God Bless and heal you.

Bro. Hansen.

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