Ezekial Prophecies for Today.

We are about to get into some prophecies that pertain to today and are very important to study

, however, most Christians and pastors do not study or preach the book of Ezekial. If you continue

studying with us, you will be one of the few who find out what Ezekial’s prophecies really say

for today. Ezekial’s prophecies describe Satan and in addition to describing him they also

tell how he manifested himself in leaders as the Antichrist of the day and age he was existing

in. I have not seen any pastors teaching the book of Ezekiel is a book that is relevant to today.

The majority of Ezekial’s book has to do with the judgment of God poured out on Jerusalem and

Judah. That same judgment is about to be poured out upon the earth. Don’t miss any of these studies.

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Amazon. The Revelation of the Antichrist, The false prophet, and the opening of the book of Daniel.

Thanks for visiting, Pastor Kevin.

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