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Introducing The Antichrist - KRCI FM RADIO 89.5

Introducing The Antichrist

I just uploaded the final teachings on Joshua and they are all important to each and everyone of us today. I urge you to go through them and get familiar with Joshua’s leadership and his behavior. He was truly a man of God. Without a strong leader there is a good chance that the people will all backslide as they did in many instances in the O.T. They sacrificed their babies in the fire as we sacrifice our babies on the alter of abortion. We are all guilty of this sin as Daniel’s intercession in his book, he prayed and repented as though he were the one who committed the sin. When Joshua died the people died spiritually. It was really after those last people that were under the tutelage of Joshua that the backsliding occurred. We have a failed and backslidden leader by the name of Joe Biden that is leading this country to hell. The Antichrist introduction bill was just introduced with 87000 more IRS auditors added. Now the IRS is the largest govt. organization in the world. The only thing lacking is to have the IRS enforce the climate change agenda that is truly Antichrist in itself. If you have not heard of this you need to get the book, which is free on Kindle right now. The title is The Revelation of the Antichrist The False Prophet and the Opening of the Book Of Daniel. You will find out who the Antichrist is and how that the false prophets of modern days have been wrong on many accounts. The next attack will be on the Christians of the world for the condemnation of their Sodom and Gomorrah justification.

Bro. Hansen

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