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More sermons are now uploaded and endless information goes along with the names in the bible. Don’t miss any of the names because they are all interconnected to each other in the history of the Jewish nation. These names represent an immense amount of research and study. You will enjoy every one of them because of the history that they represent. I am still working on my third book that is connected to the first two, The Revelation of the Antichrist, The False Prophet, and the opening of the book of Daniel and Satan and the Watchers, which is a relatively short book, but very much informative. I don’t know exactly when the third book will be completed because the only way that this book is written, is with inspiration and if inspiration does not come to complete it, it will not be completed. I cannot make up words, only what God anoints and approves. If you would like the first two books and do not have the money, please contact me and I will send them for free. I don’t care about the money, only getting the word out. Thank you for reading. Kevin

The Revelation Of The Antichrist, The False Prophet And The Opening Of The Book Of Daniel: What You Should Know To Survive Daniel’s 70th Week. (First Warning 1) – Kindle edition by Hansen, Kevin . Religion & Spirituality Kindle eBooks @

Satan and The Watchers: Satan’s Mind Control (First Warning) – Kindle edition by Hansen, Kevin. Religion & Spirituality Kindle eBooks @

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