Antichrist Watch 1.

I am in the process of changing the format of this blog. It is now being changed as a result of the progressive lawlessness that has taken over the United States. This is a time in our lives to mark it down as a success of the Antichrist system which will eventually take over but just when it does, no one knows this. I will share with you as the Lord leads me to give you the information on which Satan is taking ground and where we are in the prophetic calendar. I will refer to something that will indicate the advancement and formation of the Antichrist. He is forming before our very eyes and we do not realize it. For example, this particular message that I will share with you concerns the lawlessness of the state of California. The D/A of L.A. county just released over 7000 convicted pedophiles back into the population. These convicts that were released only served a minimum of prison time, with some of them only serving one or two days in jail. When Governor Gavin Newsom was contacted, he just answered that he had nothing to do with it. The number one thing that is prophesied in the bible that will take place before Jesus returns will be lawlessness and people that are wicked with absolutely no heart whatsoever. This is happening in liberal cities such as N.Y.C. and Chicago. The Democratic party has fostered this kind of behavior and encouraged it as a result of no punishment. This is just a small example of what is to come. I do believe that there will be an encouraged purge of Christians, Jews, and innocent people who will disagree with the Antichrist’s agenda. These innocent people will be executed as a result of their faith and no punishment will be issued. We are seeing it on a small scale right now where parents are treated like the enemies of the state when they disagree with the gender-changing agenda of the liberal school system. People, we must use our discernment now and realize that this is the Antichrist. His body is being formed and power is being given to him on a daily basis. I will tell you more in the next blog. Thank you,

Bro. Hansen.

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