Antichrist Watch-2

Here are some more facts concerning the coming manifestation of the Antichrist body. In an attempt to justify, condone, and destigmatize evil, we are now finding that the more significant population is accepting pedophilia as normal and lawful. This sick and twisted thinking is now called #MAP or minor-attracted people. The more that this sick and twisted thinking is accepted will indicate that the Antichrist body will be more accepted every day and we are getting so close to a manifestation of the Antichrist Spirit that is disguised as an angel of light. The sad thing about this is that most Christians will not even recognize it. They will be completely oblivious to it. False prophets waste their time on preaching prosperity and telling people that they are fine and dandy as long as they give their money to them. The whole world has become hardened to sin. It’s now accepted into our schools and is taught to our children. There is no excuse for this and judgment will soon come to this country and this world. Criminals are being released from prison without fulfilling their sentences or serving a month. Rapests, thieves, and pedophiles are being released. Sodom and Gomorrah will have to be resurrected and apologized to very shortly if the judgment of God does not come to this country. I have no good news for you this week. When child abuse is normalized there is no forgiveness as Jesus said it is better that a millstone is tied around the neck than to offend one of these little ones. in abortion or in pedophilia. May God have mercy on our souls. We are allowing this to happen at the southern border and on social media. More on the Antichrist Spirit next week.

Bro. Hansen.

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