Antichrist Watch-2-14-24

Here we go again with 10 times more evil than last week. The evil is getting worse and worse every week. If you do not recognize this, please pray for discernment. The red horse is wondering and depositing his war against each other every day. I have noticed this last week. I was attracted for no apparent reason by an evil entity that was manifested in human flesh. I know that you may doubt this but I have never been attacked this way before. It is a supernatural attack and very recognizable. I did not respond quickly until I suddenly realized that it was Satan himself. You must realize that the red horse is wondering about with his ability to cause war between countries, humans, towns, politicians, drivers, and whatever he decides. l am very serious about this and please take note that this is happening supernaturally. People are shooting wildly and without remorse. I suggest you not go to any event where many people are gathered. I have never seen the power of evil like I have recently. I have just uploaded about 18 messages on the book of Matthew. Please check them out, they are all free. We are entering into another phase of evil, don’t be foolish, this is a warning to all to be diligent. until next time.

Bro. Hansen.

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