Antichrist Watch-3-19-24

I realize it’s been about a month without writing another message here. I am sorry for that. I will try to be more consistent. I have just uploaded about 20-25 more messages, some on the complete book of Matthew and some more on the book of Psalms. I do believe that you will be blessed by them. They are on page 4 of sermon downloads, scroll down to the bottom. Now, concerning the times we live in, several things are happening that we may not realize. For example, Iran will obtain a nuclear weapon very shortly and try to use it unless the prime minister of Israel launches an attack on Iran before they finalize it. This may trigger a nuclear holocaust. Putin of Russia has been threatening World War III and launching a nuclear attack on Ukraine. All these things could be the fulfillment of Ez. 38, 39 and the return of the Lord Jesus Christ. The body of the beast or Antichrist is being built every day. It will soon be large enough and powerful enough to control the minds of a very large number of people. We can be sure that this is the reason why people are accepting transgender mutilation on tiny children. This is Antichrist and is the beginning of the end. When things like abortion, transgender, and the gay lifestyle are openly taught in our schools, you can be sure that the end is very near and at the door. Violence in the streets and crime is commonplace and out of control. The weaponization of government against political adversaries is something that we thought would never happen in this country but it is happening. Karl Marx has been resurrected and is openly living in America spreading his doctrine like wildfire. All of this climate change hoax agenda is nothing but the snake oil of Satan to control the masses. They are saying that cows, horses, and farm animals are dangerous to the environment but the only danger is the gases that are coming out of their mouth, not the cow. God created these fine animals and only this corrupt evil Antichrist group is trying to make them out to be harmful. They will not be satisfied until they destroy everything good and wholesome. They will eventually try to limit the years that you can spend on this earth and get you to commit suicide at a young age. These people have been taken over by an evil spirit and quite possibly cannot be saved. If a person takes the mark of the Beast, they cannot be saved and their name is blotted out of the Lamb’s Book of Life. We don’t know when this takes place for sure but it will. Once a person becomes a part of the Antichrist’s body, there is a good chance they can not repent. A.I. may be the image of the Beast, or close to it. It is being corrupted and perverted into Marxism. They cannot even define a woman or maintain a history that people were white or their race is being erased to maintain their DEI or ESG. These things are Antichrist as well. I hope this is coming across clearly. I will leave you with this and pray for God to bless you with good health and revelation.

Bro. Hansen

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