Antichrist Watch

There are many ways in which the Antichrist is manifesting himself, and one of them is the unrest and hatred of the Jewish people. We are seeing before our very eyes the unbelievable manifestation of evil in the streets of virtually every city—the marching of thousands that are against God’s people. When you curse God’s people, you condemn yourself. The results of the curse may not come quickly or all at once but we will begin to see the fruits of this self cursing very soon. The Bible tells us that everyone will turn their back on Israel and we are seeing it come to pass from America to Britain. There will soon be 144,000 Christians rising up out of Israel to become witnesses for Jesus Christ. They will occupy a significant role in the end times revival of Jews coming to Jesus. When protesters march in the streets to justify those criminals that broke into homes and raped 14-year-old virgins and then murdered them, there is a condemnation that no one can ever know waiting for them. It was not this brutal during the holocaust. God promises that the Jews will occupy their land and nobody will be able to stand against them. God will protect them and defend them. We will begin to see the supernatural God perform his miracles on behalf of Israel very soon and if Russia or China steps in, you will see a supernatural destruction of both of them. The battle of Armageddon is waiting in the wings to take place in the valley of Megiddo. The only thing that awaits us as Christians, supposably is the rapture of the Church. We may be surprised concerning this. While virtually every Left Behind book screams out that there will be some kind of temple constructed for sacrifices to take place, we may be surprised by the fact that there may not be a temple constructed, the temple has already been made and it is a temple not made with hands. It is the temple of the Holy Ghost that the devil is interested in destroying. All that I can say is be ready, because everything may happen altogether differently than what we have been told or what we expect. No man knows the day or the hour and no man or woman knows exactly how everything will take place. Until next time pray, pray, and pray some more to be ready for the coming of the Lord Jesus.

Bro. Hansen.

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