Antichrist Watch

It seems the trigger portion of last day’s events has somehow been released. With Israel at war with Hamas and all kinds of marching against them for simply defending themselves, there seems to be a supernatural enemy causing people to walk around like robots against Israel who were the victims. If you ask some of these protesters what they are marching for they don’t have an answer and have no clue what’s happening. This Antichrist spirit is forcing many to act accordingly. The red horse spoken of in The Revelation seems to be walking through the earth taking peace away from everyone. China is hijacking property that does not belong to them. We are one step away from WWIII and nuclear at that. All that it would take for the battle of Armageddon to begin is a big breath of air to blow and it would begin. We are whistling past the graveyard and clueless of reality. The so-called president of our country is incompetent and not up to the job. He leaves the border wide open for terrorists to just walk into our country and form terror cells. Never have we had such horrible leadership. I would not be surprised to see any country start using nuclear weapons or dirty bombs. Joe Biden is being investigated for taking bribes, and it appears there is plenty of evidence that it’s all true. We are closer to nuclear war than we ever have been in the past. Colleges and universities don’t seem to have competent people in leadership to stop antisemitism. We are overtaken with lawlessness. This is what the bible tells us will happen just before the return of the Lord Jesus Christ. We are getting closer and closer to the end of the age as we know it. Don’t be surprised, receive him now before it’s too late. People are being abducted into the Antichrist’s body on a daily basis. The trouble is that they don’t even realize it. Don’t be one of those.

Till next time,

Bro. Hansen.

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