Antichrist Watch 5-3-24

There is no time to waste now that the Antichrist has almost formed his body. He has all but strengthened to the point of no return. I do hope that you hear me on this. I speak as though it has already happened because the Antichrist is planning his strategy to collapse the dollar and impose his 666 cryptocurrency upon the people. They will not be able to buy or sell except if they have the number of his name or direct permission from the main Antichrist body. They will not be able to purchase ammo, guns, or anything that will oppose their green agenda. All toilets, gas stoves, automobiles, refrigerators, and appliances will have to be approved by their non-since crew that have absolutely no idea what they are approving. Believe me, these people are much more ignorant and stupid than you are. You must know that this has nothing to do with the climate or Mother Nature, it is purely to control the masses and their finances. Don’t be one of those who fall for this snake oil and cultic theocrasy. They only use this climate change because it sells to most of the ignorant and uninformed people who don’t have any idea that EVs are much less efficient, heavy, and fully dependent upon the Chinese for that battery that requires rare earth minerals to manufacture. I never thought or would have dreamed that America would be the first breeding ground of the Antichrist’s pivot to the world but it seems as though it is obvious now that evil is manifesting itself in rapid succession. Once this money is issued, it is just a matter of time before the Antichrist steps out of his hiding place and reveals himself. He is evil beyond your imagination, so don’t put anything past him. You may think that nothing is this evil but you are probably born again and washed in the Blood of Jesus Christ. This makes you unable to think with the evil mind of the Antichrist. I hope that you understand me. Pray for wisdom and God will give It. When you elect people much more stupid than you are, you get exactly what you bargained for. If you elect Joe Biden as president, you will get the Antichrist on a platter. Don’t doubt me, because this is true and I don’t apologize for it. I hope that I am wrong but I have a strange feeling inside that I am not. Please get the urgency to act before it’s too late.

Until next time, Bro. Hansen.

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