Antichrist Watch-6-1-23

Getting closer according to all evidence surrounding us. Christians are persecuted more and more every day and will continue to be persecuted more as time goes by. Look out for the next thing to happen. It will be a great persecution of Christians. and the word of God. The word of God will be the next enemy of the Antichrist system that consists of the climate change cult and the transgender cultists. Remember this, I am not against any group any more than adulterers, fornicators, or sodomites but the fact remains that Sodom and Gomorrah were used as a reference for judgment throughout the bible. Sin will remain sin throughout the bible regardless of how the LGBTQ observes it. People that stand up for the bible and what it teaches will be enemies of not only the state but the majority of the Antichrist body. If you stand for babies, children, or teens, you will be on the hit list to be eliminated from society. You will be expendable unless you adhere to the language and the dialog that encourages transgender and sodomy. The innocence of children must be stolen in order to promote this new lifestyle of perversion. Rebellion, smash and grab, and the rape of tiny children will be promoted by these pedophiles that desire to prey upon your children. Why do you think that they want to expose your children to the transvestites, cross-dressers, and all kinds of men dressed up like women? Drag Queens or Sodomites are everywhere and desire to take away the innocence of your children. Don’t let them do it. Take your kids out of public schools and public places and protect them. You are the responsible party.

Until next time,

Bro. Hansen.

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