Antichrist Watch-Feb.

Satan has learned how to disguise himself as an angel of light over the years. The false anointed ones employ their false doctrine and false prophecies in many pulpits across the country. They will tell you that all is well and you need to be the greatest of all times even though they will never speak one word of repentance. They love to speak about all the things that will foster more offerings for them. Just take a look at their Twitter feed, it has nothing to do with the gospel and everything to do with trying to win the approval and monies of many gullible people. The Government, specifically the Biden administration does nothing but tax Americans to the point of squeezing as much as they can and then wasting it away like burning it in a fire. They pressure you to believe in their false doctrine of climate change, which is a cult in itself to do nothing but control your entire life. Everything in the Antichrist system is all about controlling your life in the ways of Karl Marx. Whenever you hear climate change, hear the truth which is Antichrist, transgender, hear Antichrist, CRT, hear Antichrist. They have done nothing for this country but destroy it by their turning one race against another and starting a war among the people. The Antichrist is alive and well within the government and the churches. America is being taken over, not by the Chinese or the Russians but by the Antichrist system and it’s being led by incompetent people like Joe Biden and his group of Sodomites. It’s time to call out this administration for what it really is. The Emmy awards were just celebrated a few days ago by woke Satanists and those that completely agree with the Antichrist system. They are a part of his body and they function as an Antichrist body. Beware and don’t be deceived.

Till next,

Bro. Hansen

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