Antichrist Watch

Sometimes or actually most of the time the Antichrist manifests himself without anyone noticing or even taking the time to realize it. Here is the latest on the Antichrist’s building himself into a functioning body. At this so-called Davos climate change cult meeting where all the members fly their private jets and emit more carbon for this trip than most people do in a lifetime to speak pure lies and deception. They preach as if they are evangelistic in converting people to salvation but they are in essence converting those who listen to them into the evil body of the Antichrist. Al Gore is the primary prophet of this Antichrist cult and he preaches with such vigor that you would think that it’s time to drop an atomic bomb upon the U.S. just to impede the emission of carbon that the general population. The Marxist doctrine that this group exudes is astonishing to the natural mind but if you use your Christian discernment you will know that these people are rooted in pure evil. Columbia’s far-left president tells the global elite group that surviving climate change requires humans to overcome capitalism. In other words, the whole climate cultic group’s agenda is overcoming not only capitalism but overcoming the freedom of voting for certain things in exchange for complete control of the group’s Marxist agenda. This is the message of this cult to take complete control without your opinion, your vote, or anything that you have to say. They are pure evil and Antichrist and we must all recognize it. Whenever you hear the words climate change, global warming, or save the planet, a red flag must come up in your spirit to say to you this is truly the Antichrist. Develop your spiritual discernment and you won’t fall prey to this group of Antichrist members. Don’t be fooled. They now are working in unison with Google to take measurements of the planet which are manipulated and changed in order to gain support. There is nothing scientific about this group nor are they right about anything that they are claiming. It is about complete control of the world as we know it.

Until next time, Bro Hansen.

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