Antichrist Watch

As we all know the Antichrist is inevitable to come and have his way upon this world. He is alive and well right now and forming before our eyes. While everyone is looking for one man to occupy his seat he is a part of a large body of evil who have given themselves over to him and his agendas. First of all, he needs to control the majority of his believers who are made up of extreme followers of cult-like followers who believe in climate change, transgender, and homo-sexuality fed to our children in large doses in our schools and social media. These things are overlooked Antichrist attributes. Abortion and pedophilia are also encouraged by the Antichrist agenda. If the church had any discernment at all they would recognize this but all that they seem to be interested in are blessings, prosperity, and only positive messages to blind the church into thinking as long as they see no evil they are exempt from it. Jesus said of the Laodicean church that they were poor, miserable, blind, wretched, and naked and did not know it even though they confessed that they were rich and increased with goods and had need of nothing. Does this sound familiar? Big mega churches are now told to just think positively and think of blessings and to be blind to what the truth is. They all appear good and righteous just simply because of their huge support. Jeremiah lived under the same circumstances when he tried to tell the truth but the prosperity preachers had the support and money so he spent his years in prison. You must weigh out the truth and be careful of what you believe. Until next time,

Bro. Hansen.

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